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Medical and Dietary Needs

We have the BEST meal service for Keto, Paleo, GF, plus medical and other dietary needs.

Have you recently been diagnosed with a health condition, food allergy or other dietary restrictions? Are you struggling with your new diet?

Rest assured. You do not have to walk through this alone OR give up delicious food. Your Whole Meal is here to support you and your family's special dietary restrictions, making your household a better, stronger unit.

Doctors Orders

We are happy to assist you in the implementation of the doctors orders. Our menus are hand designed by a nutritionist and implemented by culinary chefs.

Allergy Specific (or just food preferences)

Regardless if its Gluten, Dairy, Shellfish, Bell Peppers etc. Never worry that your foods will contain those ingredients

Keto, Paleo, Low Fat, W30 etc

There isn't an eating plan we can't accommodate. Trust us, we have cooked for it all!

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Dietary Restrictions?

No Problem!